How optimistic is your workplace?

How optimistic is your organisation in its people development and well-being strategy?

It may seem a strange question, but I find it a really useful question to reflect on. You see, although we might think of optimism as a positive thing, not all types of optimism are helpful! It’s worth considering what type of optimism is present in your organisation’s culture and whether there is the opportunity to do things a little differently.

Which of these versions of optimism resonate with the way things work in your organisation?


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Blind Optimism – things will work out no matter what.
Workplace example – knowing employees have some challenges but believing they’ll work themselves out eventually. A ‘head in the sand’ type approach!

Cruel Optimism – providing overly simple solutions to complex problems.
Workplace example – providing a single, one hour meditation class to a burnt-out workforce, This kind of approach points the finger at the individual (if only you could learn to just relax!), is an inadequate solution to the scale of the problem, and ignores the multi-layered, systemic challenges that are causing stress and burnout

Intelligent Optimism – the belief that things will work out if we work at them
Workplace example – well thought through performance and well-being strategy with dedicated time to implement it, coaching, recognition of systemic contributors, willingness to hear feedback, learn and grow. Investment of time, resource and expertise to address the root of the issue


I’d love to know which of these versions of optimism are familiar to you

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