THIngs I've been rethinking

Recently I've been rethinking a few things about the way I see the world. It's been a bit of a gentle shift as I've gained more experience with different types of organisation, had discussions with fascinating people, and reflected on my own practice with the support of a coaching supervisor. I wondered if sharing some of these 'rethinks' might be interesting to share with others. I'd love to know what you think (or if any of these make you rethink!)!

Here are some of the things I've been rethinking lately:


Old thought: Big data is brilliant and tells us so much about how humans work

New thought: Big data can be really useful if used in a judicious way, but we need to be really careful about the way we apply the insights it brings. Sometimes the most insightful thing to do if we want to understand how humans work is... just to ask other humans about their experience.


Old thought: Everything I'm doing is bringing me closer to being an expert in my field

New thought: Everything I do is helping me realise that I'll never come close to understanding the things I want to understand. But being curious and open instead of getting attached to knowledge and expertise can lead to really interesting and exciting places and (somewhat counterintuitively) helps me do better work


Old thought: Knowledge is power

New thought: Knowledge is pretty pointless if we can't translate it into action that actually makes a meaningful impact

Old thought: Better leaders are what the world needs!

New thought: Leadership is important, but... what about the people that are supposedly being led? How can we empower THEM to make a difference, without having to wait for these perfect leaders to come and rescue us from our dissatisfaction! How can we help people develop more self-leadership?


Old thought: How can I help people to have better psychological wellbeing

New thought: How can influence organisations to create environments where people are more lively to thrive?


Old thought: How can I stay happy?

New thought: Is continual happiness what I really want? How can I make room for all the challenging emotions that show up when I'm well and truly living my life to the full?




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