Corporate Coaching Legal Toolkit

Instant download - £250

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This tookit is for any type of coach offering coaching services to organisations.

It contains business and legal documents to take coaches through the whole process of engaging a client. From working out budgets and proposal documents, through to all the legal templates you need to protect you from legal risks. This toolkit will take you seamlessly through the costing, proposing and contracting process. A beginning to end process!

ACTion Takers - Exploring the Acceptance and Committment Model in Coaching

Interactive 3 week course - £450

ACTion Takers (21 × 21cm) (15 × 21cm) (19)

Are you a coach or consultant who...

  • has heard about the ACT model and is curious about you might apply it to your coaching practice?
  • wants to learn techniques to overcome self-doubt, imposter thoughts and procrastination so that you can get out there and make the impact your clients need?
  • is open to learning techniques to keep you centred in a coaching session and be fully present for your clients, thus creating more impactful coaching sessions?
  • is interested about how you can turn your all-important values into tangible, behavioural outcomes?

The ACT model is essentially an experiential, skills-based framework. In order to use it effectively with our clients, we need to have practiced the techniques ourselves! This 3 week container gives you the opportunity to do just that. Part group coaching, part skills development, I'll give you a wealth of practical information to use fundamental ACT techniques for yourself, your coaching practice and your clients.

We start on 16th September 2024

Course or coaching program design consultancy

Six session program - £750 (installments available)

ACTion Takers (21 × 21cm) (15 × 21cm) (20)

Drawing on my 25 year career in applied psychology, two psychology degrees, coaching credentials AND extensive experience in developing and delivering coaching and training programmes this session is designed to help you:

  • Formulate tangible behavioural outcomes for your training or coaching program
  • Explore reflective exercises and psychological tools you can use to enhance your client’s experience
  • Check in on the psychological models and frameworks you’re planning to use and make sure your underpinning science is sound and well thought through.
  • Think about evaluation methods / metrics for success to demonstrate to your clients how impactful your program is!

We’ll have 6 one hour sessions together (with homework inbetween!) to really explore your programme and who YOU need to be to deliver it. I'll also send you a workbook before we meet, to really get you thinking about what you want to cover so that we can make the most of our time together. Sessions are bespoke to you and your needs.

Part coaching, part consultancy, this is the sense check you need to deliver your program with confidence.