Wellbeing and performance coaching

6 coaching sessions - £750 (installments available)

ACTion Takers (21 × 21cm) (15 × 21cm) (25)

My wellbeing and performance coaching approach is based on the premise that difficult thoughts and emotions are something that we all experience from time to time. Howeverm there are times thoughout our lives when those thoughts and feeling can keep us stuck and prevent us from taking action towards what’s most important and meaningful to us.

I help my clients to connect to what's most important to them, supporting them to move through self-doubt, imposter thoughts, challenges with confidence and indecision and become the person they aspire to be. You can expect my coaching sessions to be supportive, challenging and action-focused, working as a true thinking partner to explore what sustained and meaningful change looks like to you and helping you to explore effective ways to achieve it.

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Six session program - £750 (installments available)

ACTion Takers (21 × 21cm) (15 × 21cm) (26)

What impact do you want to make in the world and who do you need to be to acheive it?

A business coach can help you achieve these things and more! I'm a Coaching Psychologist and so use my knowledge of neuroscience, intrinsic motivation, self-determination and self-awareness to help you to become more effective, more confident, make braver decisions, and use your values to motivate yourself and inspire others. And we do all this while exploring how to look after your own well-being.

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ACTion Takers (21 × 21cm) (15 × 21cm) (27)

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