ACTivate your workforce: Enhancing employee engagement, effectiveness and wellbeing

Delivered in person, at your organisation - from £750

ACTion Takers (21 × 21cm) (15 × 21cm) (22)
  • Do you have members of your workforce who experience stress and burnout?
  • Would you like your people to have more of a sense of belonging and to work in a culture in which they feel connected?
  • Would you like to enhance effectiveness within your business through enhancing resilience within your teams?

If so, then we’d love to work with you!

Join Clinical Psychologist Dr Jane Birrell and I for our fresh and applied approach to workplace wellness, deliverd through a series of interactive, experiential workshops.

Optimising well-being and performance with team coaching

A 6 month program, bespoke to the needs of your organisation

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We have more information about peak performance and well-being at our fingertips that ever before. Yet employees continue to struggle with managing their stress, overwhelm and anxiety, alongside a continued pressure for consistent team performance. Impactful initiatives are needed to help teams work both productively and healthily the long term.

It's time to lean into complexity and tackle tomorrow's tensions together.

Join Chartered Organisational and Coaching Psychologist Nicola Butcher and I as we support you to discover what wellbeing looks like in your workplace, and help you build support structures that will sustain healthy productivity into the longterm.

Professional Development Design Consultancy

Bespoke according to your needs

ACTion Takers (21 × 21cm) (15 × 21cm) (24)

I've worked with a while range of L&D and HR professionals to support development of their coaching and training programs. Drawing on my 25 year career in applied psychology, two psychology degrees, coaching credentials, research accumen AND extensive experience in developing and delivering coaching and training programmes this service is designed to help you:

  • Formulate tangible behavioural outcomes for your training or coaching program
  • Explore reflective exercises and psychological tools you can use to enhance your delegate's experience
  • Check in on the psychological models and frameworks you’re planning to use and make sure your underpinning science is sound and well thought through.
  • Think about evaluation methods / metrics for success to demonstrate to measure impact in the short and longterm.

I offer both collabrative working and 'done-for-you' services. Book a no obligation discovery call to see how I can help!